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Much of my family is from the South but it really began with a trip to the French Quarter and Garden District of New Orleans back in 1995. There was something contagious about the culture and true Southern hospitality. I fell in love with the fun, the food, the art, the music and yes-the drinks! We just had to bring that incredible Southern soul back to the Historic Pedro de Lemos building in Palo Alto.

In June of 1996 we opened the doors of Nola as a tiny restaurant occupying a small portion of the ground floor. As the years have passed Nola, due to it’s immense popularity, has grown to occupy almost the entire building. The party stretches out over three floors, with nine different dining areas, two bars and a lounge with an oyster bar. Year after year we return to New Orleans to research the food, the Chefs, the cocktails and the Art. These R & D trips have resulted in one of the largest collections of Southern/Outside Folk art in the country being hung on the walls of Nola.

The South and the great port city of New Orleans inspire our Cuisine and Craft Cocktail program. We take the classics of Creole and Cajun cuisine and infuse them with the abundant bounty from local farms, nearby coastal waters and grass fed beef from our own ranch. We like to refer to our food as ‘Cajun con fusion’. It’s our modern interpretation of the classics with an update. Not always authentic, never politically correct and surely served with that Southern hospitality.

Laisser les Bon Temps Rouler!

Greg St. Claire